Our Goal

the ELISHA project seeks to educate, inspire, and motivate people worldwide across age/political/faith/socioeconomic/cultural backgrounds to change communities through service. We aim to be America’s most influential food/goods rescue operation. We seek to transform both the GIVER and RECEIVER. With the help of all our volunteers each day, we make strides toward those goals.

Age Restrictions – There are no age restrictions at the ELISHA project.

Dress Code – Volunteers must arrive dressed appropriately for the work they will be performing. Our dress code exists for volunteer safety, to adhere to safety standards, and to show respect to our clients. Volunteers arriving dressed inappropriately may not participate in activities unless suitable accommodations can be made.

EP Food Prep – The kitchen dress code is critical to ensure our volunteers’ safety and preserve the food’s quality. Volunteers must wear:

  • Closed-toed shoes
  • Clothing that completely covers the chest, shoulders, underarms, torso, and knees
  • Hairnets (provided by the ELISHA project) or a hat/cap (brought by the volunteer)
  • Gloves and aprons (supplied by the ELISHA project)

Also note:

  • No bracelets, watches, or dangly earrings
  • Long sleeves must be pushed above elbows while working with food
  • Clothing must not portray themes related to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, sex or violence, or political statements

EP Saturdays

  • Casual attire is appropriate.
  • Clothing must not portray themes related to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, sex or violence, or political statements.

EP Share Market

  • Casual attire is appropriate.
  • Clothing must not portray themes related to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, sex or violence, or political statements.


  • Volunteers are encouraged to maintain high integrity and professionalism when relating with community members* (as defined below).
  • Volunteers should not be alone with a community member. Please stay in sight of others.
  • Volunteers are not to initiate or allow anyone to have physical contact with community members without staff advisement and the permission of the community member.
  • Volunteers are not to engage in a private transaction involving gifts, services, or money with any community member. Any donations should be directed to or channeled through the organization. Volunteers may not accept cash or gifts from community members for services rendered. Volunteers are not to lend cell phones to, nor make calls for, community members.


  • Volunteers are asked not to share personal contact details such as home or email addresses, phone numbers, or social media information with community members while volunteering or returning home.
  • Volunteers may not participate in any type of social media with community members.
  • All personal information about community members is strictly confidential except when a community member shares information about matters with legal consequences, such as someone being in danger or endangering others. In this case, volunteers must report the information to the staff person in charge immediately.
  • Volunteers may share their personal experience at the ELISHA project via social media but may NOT include photos or names of any community members.


  • Our programs are violence-free, alcohol-free, and drug-free environments. Volunteers are not to smoke, drink, use drugs, or carry weapons on site.
  • Volunteers should engage in gracious and informative conversations and avoid swearing or cursing on site.
  • As the ELISHA project is a faith-based organization, volunteers are asked not to present or promote personal worldviews or political affiliations. Just simply come with an open heart to serve.
  • Harassment of any kind is not permitted and will be subject to disciplinary action by the ELISHA project
  • the ELISHA project is not responsible for the personal property of volunteers.

Outside Activities

  • Volunteers are not authorized to use the ELISHA project phones, stationery, supplies, or equipment for purposes unrelated to the volunteer opportunity.
  • Volunteers are not authorized to identify themselves with the ELISHA project or attempt to use their position to gain credibility for political purposes or illicit personal gain.