Give. Love. Live.

The Elisha Project is a movement that is focused on bringing diverse communities together through service, sharing, teaching and learning – in order to make a positive impact in all communities.

EP Bodegas

the ELISHA project Bodega is a concept which brings back the corner store as the main community artery. They are installed in the heart of the community as a standalone or within the confines of a proven community champion.

Food Rescue Program

EP Share Market

the Elisha project Share Market is an endeavor to address the ongoing and growing food inequalities in this country. We will come to your community and bring food, tents, and music to SHARE great food. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Street Kitchen

The Street Kitchen concept is a outdoor, family-style restaurant which operates in disadvantaged neighborhoods throughout the United States. The program is designed to feed communities and utilizing volunteers from across social and economic spectrums, fostering integrated communities.

EP Saturdays

“EP Saturdays” is our signature offering and launched the entire project. It consists of people coming together and in a three-hour span making and taking meals to the streets. That program has grown with the need and it is now “EP Share Markets.” We are still taking it to the streets. The difference now is that we bring over 40K lbs to share.

EP 4 Veterans

the ELISHA project was founded by a disabled Marine Corps Veteran and his wife. The number of Veterans in need continues to grow nationally and locally and that is unacceptable. We at the ELISHA Project are committed to addressing the pressing needs of Veterans through direct service, and referral networks. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Get Connected

The only way to know what is happening is by staying connected to the ELISHA project. Follow us, Like our page, as we are known for popping up where we are needed most. Social media is the only way to known the when and where.