Bridging the Gap from Friday2Monday 

This program is born out of necessity with a focus on community transformation.

The Free/Reduced Lunch Numbers:

  • 30.7 million children in more than 98,433 schools and residential childcare institutions participated on a typical day.
  • 21.5 million of these children received free and reduced-price lunches.

The Government Costs:

  • Free Lunches: $2.93
  • Reduced Price Lunches: $2.53
  • Paid Lunches: $0.28

Unlike most free lunch programs, this program focuses on the community and the family.  At EP, we treat both groups as one unit. For this program to be successful in any society, it must be run by, for, and with the absolute commitment of the targeted community.


When we say community investment, we are not referring to dollars but time and effort.

So how do we accomplish this?

For EP to bring the healthy weekend program to your community, we will need a commitment from at least 2 – 5 families who live where you want to launch the EP – Healthy Weekends program.

What is the commitment?

That commitment is going to be of time and talent.  Our experience in community-building and delivering more than 3M meals to people in 4 states have prepared us for this endeavor.

This program is designed to equip both GIVER & RECEIVER with the foundation points of the ELISHA project:

  • Give All
  • Love All
  • Live 4 Service

Coupled with our experience as former recipients of free lunch programs, we have learned that involving the people that receive the service in the serving is essential.

1) every healthy weekend chapter will have a designated project manager and assistant.
2) every EP healthy GIVE we can give will have local families doing the giving.
3) every EP healthy GIVE we can give will include children doing both giving and receiving.
5) every EP healthy give will be done with a smile and with compassion and love
6) children will be encouraged and their families to give of what they have.

Who this program serves: Children and their families

Where will we serve: Wherever there is a need

What is the cost: There is no cost to the receiver.

How many meals will be given: TBD

When will the meals be provided: On weekends during the school year and throughout the week during the summer.