August 15, 2011 Elisha Project

Week 5 – In the Valley

What a blessing week 5 has been. It all started last Monday when we received a package of food from The Davila Family & 240 Maintenance, LLC. via Stop & Shop’s Pea Pod program. It was such an unexpected blessing that our family truly rejoiced at the thought of another family (not from Rhode Island) would extend their love like that!
But that was the beginning…The Lind Family came through a day later and made a another donation of food that pushed us toward 40 meals.
Then a day later there was another knock on the door and it was USPS with packages from from the Morse Family! You could only imagine the amazing love we felt at the time. And amazingly, it was all non-perishables that we desperately needed for the meals we had already received. It was as if all these families were in contact with each other.
Than the Montondo Family came through on Friday with another donation that helped us surpass the 60 meal marker to 62 meals. Then they also volunteered to come and help do the work (they are local to RI). We were speechless. We all got out on a very hot and humid day and just blessed people. The children are the focus when we are out there. Their big hearts loving, their small hands greeting and drawing, and their big smiles warming hearts!!! When they share a lunch and say, “God Bless you” no one is ever unhappy, offended or upset. They feel genuine love by Angels. These families are blessed and they bless in return.
We need some families to step up this week and help get to 70 meals…what do you say? Can you share some love this week. Send your food donations to:
Solutions Inspired
190 Broad Street
Providence, RI 02903
God bless you!