July 31, 2011 Elisha Project

Week 1 – In the Field

This was really the hardest part for our family.  We did not know how people would react but we left that to God.  My office is right across from the largest homeless shelter in our state.  I see these people every single day and started bringing extra breakfast to work in the winter.
We said a prayer in our van before we rolled out asking God to bless the work but more importantly shine His light so that He may be glorified through this work.  We prayed that there be at least one person that would read the bag and remember there is a God.
We decided that Carrie and the boys would remain in the van for this inaugural run and I would share the Love.  We could not have imagined a warmer greeting or a more enthusiastic response to “God bless you.”
Grown men ran across the street and lit up when I told them my wife and kids had toiled for them because they loved them.  They would look in the van and say, “God bless your family.”  I am unsure of who is benefiting more at this point…them or us?